Outstanding Student Presentation Award Winner

Joe Estep

Earth and Planetary Surface Processes

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I am greatly honored to have my student presentation recognized by AGU as outstanding. This commendation validates the efforts put into my research, and provides a strong sense of accomplishment! I must acknowledge my advisor, Dr. Josef Dufek, for unending support, advice, and direction. I appreciate the opportunity to give an oral presentation at the AGU Fall Meeting, which in itself is quite an honor. Thank you to the session conveners for selecting my abstract to give a talk amongst the several great presentations during our EP session. Finally, I want to express my gratitude to the coordinators and judges of the OSPA program. Your contributions give us, the students, great ancillary experience on top of the thrills of presenting at the major earth science conference. The sprinkle of competition is quite exhilarating, as is the anticipation of judging results. I think participating in OSPA program was very beneficial, regardless of the end result. Preparing for the conference went far beyond the science, because success in this competition requires a comprehensive presentation. So many intricate details required attention, and as a result I have learned how to deliver a talk that is informative, efficient, and pleasant for the audience. This was my last AGU Fall meeting as a student, what a great way to cap it off!!! Photo: left to right - myself, Dr. Josef Dufek (advisor, GT), Dr. Ben Andrews (SI), at Opala Volcano in Kamchatka, Russia (The links below are for 2 publications that detail the work discussed in my talk)

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