Outstanding Student Presentation Award Winner

Veronica Prush


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Thank you very much to the coordinators, as always, for doing the hard work of setting up the OSPA. I've participated every year that I've been a graduate student, and for the feedback alone it is an excellent program. Thank you to the judges who gave me very kind and constructive feedback. I greatly appreciate you taking the time out of your AGU schedules to come and listen to my presentation. One judge asked me whether my collaborators and I had considered developing a dynamic rupture model for the Akatengneng Shan to test the conclusions I presented. Concurrently with my doctoral work, our collaborators did develop a multicycle numerical model for the Akatengneng Shan. The most recent numerical results suggest that a rupture history consistent with the slip-rate gradients I have determined does in fact require low friction and/or a rotated stress field, as I proposed in my presentation. We are working towards combining these results for future publication at this time. Thank you all again. I will be completing my doctoral research this year, and I look forward to participating as soon as I can as an OSPA judge.

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