Om Tripathi

Research Scientist
University of Reading
Atmospheric Sciences
Reading, UK

What led you to Earth and Space science?

The discovery of the antarctic ozone hole and a widespread public attention afterward created so many question in my mind when I was still in school and was very much interested in science particularly Physics. What kind of hole it is? How it is form? what are the consequences and why ? Later on after college when I got the opportunity to study ozone hole in Antarctica as a research student, I grabbed it. And rest is the history.

How long have you been a member of AGU and why did you join?

2005. For an atmospheric scientist AGU members receive so many privileges plus the AGU provide probably the largest umbrella covering entire earth, space, and atmospheric sciences community.

What are you working on now?

To answer some of the fundamental questions about stratospheric tropospheric coupling and seasonal predictability. Such as:
Are stratosphere-troposphere coupling effects important throughout the winter season or only when major stratospheric dynamical events occur?
How far in advance can major stratospheric dynamical events be predicted and usefully add skill to tropospheric forecasts?
Which stratospheric processes, both resolved and unresolved need to be captured by models to gain optimal stratospheric predictability?