mohamed kabashi

Sr. Geophysicist
Sudapet Co Ltd
Nonlinear Geophysics
Khartoum Sudan

What led you to Earth and Space science?

My first background degree was in the earth science

How long have you been a member of AGU and why did you join?

Since 2013, I’d to develop myself

What are you working on now?

Talented and reliable geophysicist with 12 years of experience in Seismic Data Processing with reputed international companies such as Sudapet, BPC, Petro-Vietnam and Schlumberger Overseas. My experience enable me a unique ability to apply technology in many oil disciplines include data acquisition, data processing, data interpretation, data management and scientific research.

During my time with those employers I have done many courses in (data acquisition, data processing time & depth, 2D&3D, land &marine using different software (Omega, ProMax, WKG, Grysis, GeoEast and Vista), Unix and Linux Op system) in different countries such as
Egypt, Malaysia, Norway, China, Vietnam and Sudan.