Fatima Pillosu

United Kingdom

What led you to Earth and Space science?

Preparing my Master’s Thesis

How long have you been a member of AGU and why did you join?

I have become AGU Member only very recently. I joined AGU because the sessions show the tight link between atmospheric science and hydrology.

What are you working on now?

I work at ECMWF on the development and implementation of a statistical post-processing software (ecPoint-Rainfall) that uses ECMWF Ensemble in order to anticipate sub-grid variability in rainfall forecasts and improve biases in the model. Thus, more reliable rainfall forecasts at a point, in particular for extremes, are provided. Therefore, from that flash flood likelihood can be inferred. Long term verification has shown that the skill of the post-processed rainfall equals the skill of the raw ensemble at day 1. During my PhD starting in October 2017 at the University of Reading 1) research will be conducted in order to consider complex orography, coasts and urban areas in ecPoint-Rainfall, and 2) I will work on a technique that should convert into a quantitative output the probabilistic output from ecPoint-Rainfall in order to use it as input in hydrological models.