Essam Heggy

Research Scientist
University of Southern California / Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Earth and Planetary Surface Processes
Los Angeles, CA

What led you to Earth and Space science?

I have become interested In Earth and Space Science since early high school years

How long have you been a member of AGU and why did you join?

14 years since my first AGU participation

What are you working on now?

My main science interests in remote sensing and planetary geophysics covers Earth arid regions, Mars, the Moon, icy satellites and Near Earth Objects. My current research involves probing structural, hydrological and volcanic elements in terrestrial and planetary environments using different types of radar imaging and sounding techniques as well as measuring the electromagnetic properties of rocks in the radar frequency range. My current research tasks focuses in radar remote sensing spam from laboratory electromagnetic characterization of terrestrial samples and planetary analog materials, radar sounding of aquifers in hyper-arid environments, SAR and inSAR image analysis, GPR surveys in desertic, volcanic and ice-rich environments, FDTD numerical simulations of wave propagation and different terrestrial and planetary radars data analysis.