Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Question:  How can I determine if my AGU membership is paid for the current year?

Answer:  Please visit AGU’s member website at  and sign in under the Member Login with your primary email address and password. You will see your current membership type and year on the My AGU page. If it is not active, you are welcome to select the Renew link to begin the process of renewing your membership.

Question:  When does my membership expire?

Answer:  All AGU memberships are offered on a calendar year basis and expire on December 31. After October 14, we stop offering memberships for the current calendar year and invite our members to renew memberships for the next calendar year.

Question:  How do I change my AGU password?

Answer:  To change your AGU password, please sign in from the Member Login prompt at You will see a link called Change Your Password on the left menu of the My AGU page.

Question:  How do I change my primary address or other contact information on my AGU profile?

Answer:   Please sign in at the Member Login prompt from the AGU website at You will be able to update your new primary address on the My AGU page under My Information. You can also add a new address, change your phone number or fax number on this page.

Question:  I am no longer a student. When I renew my membership online, how can I change my membership type from student to regular member.

Answer:  Once you have signed in to renew your membership, you will see your existing student membership invoice available for renewal. Instead of selecting the option to Accept and Pay, please select the option to Make Changes. You will be able to create a new membership invoice with a regular membership.

Question:  How do I change my organization affiliation or title on my profile?

Answer:  Please sign in at the Member Login prompt from the AGU website at Under My Information, you will see a link for Organizations. You can select Add to add a new primary organization or title. Once you have added a new primary organization or title, you can delete the previous organization or title. You can also select a new secondary organization without adding a new primary organization at any time.

Question:  I do not have a credit card. Can I still use this site to purchase my membership?

Answer:  You can still use the site to update your profile and other relevant information.   Otherwise, all alternative transactions should be handled by postal mail. AGU accepts payment by check in US Dollars, Postal Money Orders in US Dollars, and bank transfers. You can download the membership application at so you can provide your member information with your payment.

Question:  Can I purchase my membership and subscription using a wire transfer?

Answer:  To begin the process of purchasing your membership using a wire transfer, please visit the membership home page at and download the membership application. Once your wire transfer is complete, please submit documentation of your wire transfer and the completed membership application to [email protected]. Instructions for completing the wire transfer are located in the membership application. If your wire transfer documentation is not submitted with your membership application, please be aware that there may be a delay in processing your application.

Question:  Where can I find my AGU member number on the AGU website?

Answer:  AGU no longer requires its members to know their member number to support participation in AGU activities. However your six digit member number is printed on the top line of your address label if you receive the print edition of Eos. If another organization has requested your member number to verify your membership, please contact [email protected] to find out your member number.

Question:  How can I obtain a receipt for my membership.

Answer:  To download a membership receipt, please sign in at the Member Login prompt with your credentials. On the My AGU page, select Order History. You can download a receipt for membership or donations on that page.


Question:  I purchased a subscription to an AGU journal today. When I attempted to view a journal article on the Wiley Online Library, I was prompted to purchase the individual article. Why can’t I view articles included in my AGU journal subscription?

Answer:  Once you purchase a journal subscription, please allow two business days for your subscription to be activated. Once the subscription is activated, you will receive an email from the Wiley Online Library team with your sign in credentials. If you do not receive an email with your credentials after that time, please check your junk mail folders or spam filter for your activation email.

Question:  When do AGU journal subscriptions expire?

Answer:  Journal subscriptions are provided to members on a calendar year basis.  If you purchased a subscription prior to October 15, your access to that subscription expires on December 31.  If you purchase a subscription on or after October 15, that subscription will be active from January through December for the following calendar year. To renew your subscription, please visit AGU’s website at and sign in with your email address and password. On the My AGU page, scroll down to the Subscription section and select +Add to purchase a new subscription.

Question:  I just updated my primary email address on my AGU member profile. Will this change affect my access to my AGU online journal subscription?

Answer:  At the time you purchase an AGU subscription, your primary AGU email address will become your username to access your subscription on the Wiley Online Library. Once you change your primary email address under your AGU member profile, you will also need to update your email address under the My Profile section of the Wiley Online Library if you wish to use your new email address to access subscription articles. Please sign in to the Wiley Online Library at the Login prompt to access the My Profile page to change your email address.


Question:  I purchased an online subscription to an AGU journal.  When I attempted to access an article in that journal published in 1990, I was prompted to purchase the article.  Doesn’t my subscription include access to that article?

Answer:  When you purchase an AGU journal subscription, you will receive access to journal articles published within the last two years. To access articles published prior to 1997, you must subscribe to the Digital Library or a Multichoice subscription, which provides online access to articles published from 1895 through 1996.


Question:  How can I indicate my preferred delivery preference for the print edition of Eos?.  Can I do this on the AGU website?

Answer:  To indicate your delivery preference, sign in to your account at the Member Login prompt. From the My AGU page, select My Preferences. Under My Eos Magazine Preference, you can change your delivery status. Please allow one month for this request to take effect.

Question:  How can I view the electronic version of Eos for articles published prior to 2015?

Answer:  To access archived articles of Eos, please visit AGU’s member website at and sign in with your email address and password. Once you are signed in, please select the link Read EOS.ORG Archives from the My AGU page. You will be directed to the Wiley Online Library to view past issues of Eos. If you have not renewed your membership for the current calendar year, you will not see the link to read Eos archives. Once your membership is renewed, the link will appear.


Question:  I renewed my membership in June for the current calendar year. How can I receive back issues of Eos distributed prior to my join/renewal date?

Answer:  AGU does not distribute back issue of Eos for any timeframe prior to your join/renewal date. You are invited to view back issues of Eos online at